Code of Conduct
The following Code of Conduct (referred to hereafter as CoC) is put in place to ensure users are able to participate online in a clean and safe environment. All users who participate online must adhere to the CoC.
By playing online you agree to abide the following CoC. You will not:
  • Attack, bully or harass other users.
  • Make violent, death or sexual threats to other users.
  • Promote or encourage others, or yourself, to participate in violent or suicidal acts.
  • Use any language that is derogatory to identifiable groups, sexual in nature, hateful, or culturally/religiously offensive to an individual or group of individuals.
  • Use in-game methods to create racial, derogatory, sexual, obscene, hateful, religiously or ethnically offensive message, scenes or material.
  • Use an in-game character, server or clan name that is racist, derogatory, sexual, obscene, hateful, ethnically or religious offensive, impersonates a real-life person or figure, or an otherwise name that attempts to entice or elicit a reaction from an individual or group of individuals.
  • Post your, or another individual’s, personally identifiable information (i.e. doxing).
  • Share explicit, obscene, sexual, or graphic content via in-game chat or VoIP.
  • Share links or URLs to material that is unsafe (contains malware, spyware, trojans or viruses); or is explicit, obscene, sexual, or graphic in nature.
  • Spam in-game text or VoIP with repeated messages or sounds.
  • Participate, or encourage others to participate, in any activity that may violate local or government laws. Such as, but not limited to, acts of violence or drug use.
  • Use, promote or advertise the use of cheats, hacks, bugs or exploits.
  • Sell or advertise products to other users.
  • Impersonate Entrada Interactive or employees and team members.
Violating the CoC is punishable by temporary or permanent banning of the user's account from online services, and/or the removal of in-game text and VoIP chat functionality. Users violating the CoC are not eligible for refunds due to loss of online privileges.
Company is using EasyAntiCheat anti-cheat service (“EasyAntiCheat”), which is operated by a third-party service provider offering services to Company. EasyAntiCheat has a client software (“Client”) that is integrated into the Software. When you start a new Game session the Client will automatically load and install its latest version to the Unit. When you are using the Software on your Unit EasyAntiCheat is monitoring the Unit, analyzing