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Update #41

Update #41

Hotfix #41a - 10/17/2016 • Fix for other players getting kicked from a server when a banned, non-whitelisted, or on hold player tries to join and is kicked out
• Five crashes fixed (most related to starting or exiting the game) thanks to new BugSplat information

BugSplat Integration BugSplat support has now been added to the client and server executable
When a crash occurs the crash information will be submitted to BugSplat so we can then analyze it
This will help us to find and fix more game issues and increase the overall stability

Disconnect/Logout Timer/Combat Logging The 30 second leave server timer in the in-game menu is now enforced
If the game is exited for any reason without waiting the full 30 seconds, then your character will remain in the world for 30 seconds and can be killed during that time
You will also be unable to rejoin the same server for 45 seconds - a message will be displayed when attempting to join a server in this case

Servers • Chat log bug fix
• Anti-cheat updates
• Issue fixed where banned/not white-listed players could still join servers at times

Game • Arrows no longer will stick into players/objects
• Shadow cache update fixed - was causing stalls/freezing while playing
• Network performance improvements
• Fixed issue with some entities remaining on the clients when they shouldn't be (minor performance improvement)
• Spawn/Despawn item rate improvements

UI • Improved accessibility for controllers (rebind all analogue axes)
• Ability to turn off controller support (i_xinput = 0 in user.cfg)
• Server browser History, Favorites (Favoriting and Unfavoriting) and Friends
• Whitespace around server names is now trimmed/removed

Base Building • Colored work lights can be crafted for bases - blue, green, pink, red, and yellow
• Some placeable items, including plot signs, can no longer be placed on top of other items

Items • Red dot sight on crafted weapon improved
• Hoodies updated to have three slots (was two)
• Crafted weapons have a higher recoil then previously

AI • Several generic Kythera improvements/fixes/optimizations
• AI now turn smoother
• Deer AI are now moved to the new animal system instead of the default CryEngine AI system

Sounds • Radio select sounds now play

Animations • AI turning animations are now used
• General improvements to ragdolls
• Fixed magazine location on some weapons