I'm sure there has been a few posts but I did not see anything upon a cursory examination. But Here we go.
I am having some issues with the 5-ton rolling over for no reason or been "tossed" by enemies. A bear threw my 5-ton over 20 feet in the air. That is ether one hell of a bear or it is a glitch. Also the truck seems to want to roll at the slightest provocation. Also the climbing power of the truck has been improved but it is still severely limited. Having driven almost that exact model of truck I can tell you that up hills it may not be very fast but is very hard to stop and in the game I get flummoxed by some rather shallow hills.

As for the rolling I have a guess of the problem. The truck is indeed tall and as such the game seems to set the center of gravity rather high. But this is not the case on those trucks. The cab is rather small and the back end is mostly bands with canvas. So the main of the weight comes from the frame frame an engine which puts its center of gravity at almost the center of the tires making it very stable. I realize this may not be an easy fix but one that should be addressed. This flipping issue is definitely the most important issue with this truck.

Finally on dealing with the mass/power. I find it odd that if I am trying to start moving the truck with even a wolf in front of it, it can be near impossible to get moving. Likewise hitting the smallest creatures I loose a lot of momentum which considering the mass is strange. I realize that may be a balancing factor but I figured I'd mention it. Finally I realize the bears and "Super Mutants" are big and strong but when I get that 5 ton monster up to top speed and hit one it is crazy that I come to a complete stop. Also balancing?

Anyway sorry for the wall of text here but I hope that if nothing else the flipping issue can be addressed. I hate having to find a new 5-ton every 2 days from that. Thank you for your time and consideration.