So.. I'm running a fairly good but outdated rig.

I have 180 hours + in Miscreated and really really enjoy this game, I can't stress that enough. All though in the last couple of months I've only gotten less and less fps as you push updates. In the woods and in buildings I get good 60 - 90 fps and that's amazing as I have a 144hz monitor, all though, in the cities it's another story. 30 - 40 fps, all depending on how I move my camera, and especially in Hayward. Towards the summer I'm going to upgrade my computer to get more fps in Miscreated + other games like tarkov. All though it would be nice seeing an optimization as I really enjoy this game. When I mean optimization, if I write that correctly, I mean something like Dayz did, where they updated their whole game and went from unplayable 20 fps to 80 + , me included.

I'm running AMD and know that my rig is outdated (DDR3, FX 8350 etc etc) but it should be good enough for this game though. Some steps I've taken is to overclock my cpu to 4.6 ghz stable, spent 6 hours doing that, overclocking my rx 480 4gb to 1400mhz (will push it further though), have a watercooled system + ssd. I don't think there's much more I can do..

I miss the old days in this game, where I got 50 - 60fps and got 180 hours in the game. I really really enjoyed the lone wolf perspective of the game, hiding in apartments watching people wander the streets etc. It really gave me that apocalypse feel- Now it just feels like there's 100 mutants everywhere, and getting 30 - 40 fps in the cities I can't really do much + Playing with everything on low, which I hate since Miscreated is such a beautiful game