As we have done in prior years we want to take a few moments to thank all of the fans of Miscreated and to give everyone a status on where we feel the game is currently at overall, and dive into more detail on the major game systems within Miscreated.

Moving forward we will release the State of the Game post at the start of each year instead of the end of the year, so this State of the Game is titled 2018 instead of 2017.

If you are enjoying playing Miscreated, please leave (or update) your review on Steam at It's very beneficial to the game.

Social Media
If you are not following our social media accounts, we'd recommend you do so. There is a lot of information that is shared on them that doesn't warrant a full post on Steam or our website. The
@miscreatedgame account will also tweet out when servers are going offline for game updates, so you are not taken by surprise when it happens. Some of the Twitter handles of team members are included below, so you can follow those that may interest you.

@entradaint (Company account)
@miscreatedgame (Official game account)
@lordsnave (Terry Evans - creator and lead developer)
@csprance (Chris Sprance - technical director/art lead)
@adam_johnson_ (Adam Johnson - technical designer)
@miscreatedmarco (Marco Catena - lead level designer)
@sihambly (Simon Hambly - lead animator)
@plumbjet (Graham Hayward - lead 3d artist)
@hendrikpolc (Hendrik Polczynski - senior developer)
@matthieu_labrie (Matt Labrie - 3d artist)
@miscreatedkks (Serkan - 3d artist)
@miscreated_carl (Carl Kent - 3d artist)
@miscreated_farz (Farzad Morshed - animator)
@miscreated_jen (Jennifer Yaner - Community Manager/PR)

Discord Server
Miscreated has an official Discord server located at and is probably the best way to interact with the Miscreated community and to get help with the game. Several members of the development team and moderators for the game are in the Discord chat. There are also several pinned messages in the different chat channels with helpful information, so please glance through them when you join.

Leaving Early Access (Moving to Beta)
Our goal is to have the core of all major game systems in the game during 2018 and when that happens we will leave early access on Steam. That does not mean that those game systems are feature complete, just that the core for each of them is in place and we will continue to enhance them even after we are out of early access.

The following is the list of game systems, features, and major issues we will be focused on this year:

Game World
The current map, Orca Island, is roughly 75% completed now. The level design team will continue to work on filling out the missing areas of the map, but it may not be 100% finished before we leave early access. Even if the map isn't finished before we leave early access it will continue to be worked on after until it is finished. Once the map for Orca Island is done, then the level design team will start working on a new map for the game. The following image is of the new docks area that will be coming to Orca Island soon:

Repair Kits
We will be adding support for repair kits before leaving early access, but we may not add them for all weapons during early access. They will definitely be added for melee weapons though since those degrade through use currently (especially when attacking a player's base). Support for degrading and repairing ranged weapons will be added in the future, but those may come after we leave early access.

The survival aspect of Miscreated is still a major area of the game that we, and our fans, feel is lacking from the game. Some survival aspects we will be adding before leaving early access and some we are going to work on after. If a survival feature you want isn't listed here, it doesn't mean it won't ever be added to the game, but just that it isn't planned to be added during early access is all. There is still a lot we plan to add to the game.

Support for farming will be added to the base building system, but there will also be several areas around the map where players that don't want to build a base will be able to farm at. As new systems are added to the game for players to generate their own food (farming, and future features such as fishing and trapping) we will continue to adjust the spawned food and drink items in the game.

The temperature system will be one of the most complex systems to still be added during early access. It will need to take into account many other game systems and features such as: weather patterns, time of day, player activity level, player's clothes, state of player's clothes (being wet), camp fires, burning barrels/vehicles, dynamic fire (molotov's, etc.), where the player is at in the world (inside, underground, in a vehicle), and probably several others not mentioned.

Persisted Stats
All stats and effects that affect a player still need to be stored, and subsequently restored, for a player - radiation, incapacitated state (unconscious, handcuffed), poison level, and any others we may be missing.

Base Building
Throughout early access we may add new base parts for players to use, but the focus will be on fixing remaining issues with the base building system. Issues such as not being able to see some of the parts and not being able to place tents and camp fires in clan mates' bases, and other important or annoying issues.

Support for being able to prone in the game is still planned to be added during early access. As we have mentioned in prior state of the game posts, it is actually a complex feature to add - if you want it to look good, work correctly, and not to be exploitable by players.

Inventory UI
Throughout 2017 most of the UI in Miscreated was replaced with a much better looking and functional version with one major exception - the inventory. We have a new version of the inventory UI that we have been testing internally and it will be released as soon as it's ready and before we leave early access. It not only looks a lot better than the current UI, but also adds some new features.

Clothing Sets
Several clothing sets are planned to be added to the game. The planned sets during early access are the ghillie suit, hazmat (NBC) suit, and a rain coat. The plan is to add additional sets for the police, fire department, and any others after leaving early access. The ones to be added during early access are needed because of features being added during early access (prone, weather systems, temperature system) with the ones to be added later would be more for fun/roleplay purposes. Here is a preview image of the ghillie suit that will be added to the game soon:

The vehicles currently in the game will be improved during early access, but no new vehicles are currently planned to be added. The team will primarily be working on improving the damage states (to fix issues like being on fire continually and blowing up when not expected) and handling of the vehicles. The bicycle will also be moved to the new two-wheeled physics model the dirt bike is currently using.

Steam Support
We will be adding additional Steam features to Miscreated while in early access. Achievements will be coming soon and the plan is to also add support for Steam inventory and workshop support. Exactly what and how the inventory and workshop will entail is still being decided on, so we'd love to hear your feedback on those two areas.

The AI system in Miscreated is still an area where a lot of improvement is planned to be made. There are two new AI characters that are currently being worked on - one is a bear and the other is a new spider-like mutant. As we add new mutants they will behave differently than the other mutants currently in the game. The spider mutant, when finished, will have different combat behaviors and attacks than other mutants currently in the game. Another area of the AI system we will be working on is adding hit reactions, so combat with AI is more rewarding and the player has better visual and audio feedback during that combat. Here is an image of the spider-like mutant that is being worked on:

Battle Royale
The plan for Miscreated has always been to add support for a Battle Royale (BR) style of game play, but BR is something we will work on after the game leaves early access. Our focus is still on the survival game.

Thank you for making 2017 such as amazing year for Miscreated! We look forward to continuing to develop the game with all of you during 2018.
- The Miscreated Team