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    Player Retention & servers deaths

    Hey all, I would like to start by saying this post is not in any way an attack on the game itself, The game I love and have spent many hours playing. This post is to highlight what i feel is lacking mainly for admins of servers which results in the loss of players. I was an admin of a sever for a while before hosting my own, My server and community is still standing strong within the top ten servers, however recently my eyes were opened so to speak. after expanding the servers we host. it became apparent that admins have virtually no tools compared to other games. sure there is limited rcon commands that can be used to kick, whitelist etc but is that really enough? take my server for example. I found myself setting up the second server offered by Phoenix Rebirth thinking WOW, if only miscreated had half these tools.

    We are a PvE server and host various events. but to be able to do this i need to search the map for prizes aswell as collecting parts to build a base where the event is hosted. This alone can take days to prepare using countless hours that could be better spent and reducing the amount of overall events that are hosted, and due to this i know for a fact that alot of servers admin tier of this meaning events either hault on servers or they are fairly small. players then loose interest as the server becomes less interesting. I understand the removal of the console use ingame but cant there be rcon commands added to help server owners ?

    Alot of servers also offer community and player owned vehicles and to keep an accurate list can be quite a task. an connection log that could be view like the damage logs would be very useful for admin to maintain any list they hold for their community or even just to remove whitelisted players that never join the server anymore.

    Many other games feature Mods or addons that can be added to introduce new things to the game. This is always a great option in my opinion as it can take a load of devs backs as new content could be added by thrid party mod devs, It could also prove effective to keep players playing for longer, Once they tier of vanilla they can try a modded community.

    I3D servers...lets be honest here. These servers are pretty low budget servers in spec. with a rather high cost! after conversations with some devs i understand the business plan behind this however other games offer servers for half the cost with a multitude of more features or allow direct hosting of a server. It was why the first server i was admin on was closed. despite the fact i had built it up making it more active and popular than ever. the owner found out he could ran a seven days to die server for a fraction of the cost so without warning closed the server.
    Going back to spec, i Host a rust server dedicating 8GB of ram and can run miscreated or rust dedicating a further 8GB to the client, this leaves me more ram idle in my system than offered by I3D.

    I believe these, along with the various alpha bugs that everyone encounters to be the key factors players leave servers or the game and also causes server owners to look at other games. We need more admin tools to help combat this. Get rid of that dirt bike and add some commands lol

    Thanks for reading

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    I see on some servers they list weak enemies or 5x loot. these commands are not listed in the server commands. so if they are possible to do where do these commands come from? I know of one server with Weak enemies.



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