hello devs
so i'm rly angry because my car disappear in my base although i'm interacting with the car

every day? so wtf this happend?
an other thing is why is the storage size so extremly low? and why you can only put the

backpack in a car not in the storage box? rly makes no sense because your bugy car disappear

every time?
why you put unnecessary season changing but do not fix elementary issues do you have such a fun

with the shaders and only with that?
you don't build your own game engine but why is the game in early access for 3 years? do you

work in one month 2 hours on the game or what is your problem? i know devs wich team has 4

peoples and they are a lot forther then you?
I don't know who coded the AI in your game but obviously that guy have no idea a student in

first year would make it better( look at the animals so bad it's a shame)
I advise you change your profession you're a shame for the gaming industry!