Please increase the amount of base parts we can place from the current 250 to 300 (at the very minimum add at least 50 more). I have build around 27 bases at this point and every time when I'm done building I have no quota left to place things in my base to dress it up like tables, lights etc etc and I end up having to cannibalize what I've already built (which sucks when its so hard to place certain parts). The reason being (especially after the floating patch ) it really take lots of parts to build a structure that will survive a base raid and store a few vehicles securely (especially when a whole clan attacks your base)

Having build for around 2200 hours I can tell you this small change would make all the difference to serious base builders. BTW you guys outdone yourself with patch#54 your attention to detail and the constant tweaking is why I only play this game :-)))))