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Thread: Admin Abuse

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    Admin Abuse

    Hello Folks, I have some issues with an admin from a server. He used to Broke all de bases and raid them using GODMOD. I want to know if there's any way to report him or anything kind.

    He actually ban me from there cuz I tell him that, and then he blocks me from every group he owns on facebook. I must add that I'm no the only one playing there, we are a group of around 15 ppl, some of them had pay for this server and this guy kick everyone to have full control over it.

    I really don't care if I cant play there anymore, there's a lot of servers where I can go, my displeasure is that there are people like that playing around or owning servers.

    Hopefully someone can help me.

    I attach his steam profile and server name.

    AAA/LAT/US/MEX/ Survivor of Hurricane Maria #TeamYuca xLoot
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    I am afraid you can't do anything, but there isnt a godmode.

    Unless it is whitelisted he has in the game same rights as everyone else and outside of the game he can't do anything against other bases, he can only blacklist players.

    What he can do is a "godmode" for everyone, so increase base damage on the server.

    Look for another server, if you don't want to play official servers, check on the Miscreated discord in the server-adverts channel, most of them are also regulary on their discord.

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    Lightbulb #TeamYuca

    Hello this is Shaun, founder of #TeamYuca and manager of the server mentioned in the original post.
    First id like to mention the server is whitelisted and we did accept donation on facebook to pay up a year this will expire in 2 months
    He mentioned he has 15 people that play with him but yet he also mentioned they payed part of the server and to my knowlage 1/15 of the people in question gave a DONATION and it was not him.
    He was never banned from the server nor has anyone ever been banned from the server.
    He was banned from 2 facebook group for toxic comments that can put our reputation at risk.
    we gathered evryone we could to talk about the servers progress on teamspeak and it was decided the server would be wiped since the server was going to be wiped we granted whoever wanted to enter a faction that had modified damage boost. We basicly decided to have some fun since we was going to loose evrything anyway.
    Point here is instead of consulting us he started making hate posts and was mostlikelly unaware of the events going on witch caused him all this anger.

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    My advice, play only on official servers only...this comes from nothing but bad experiences on player controlled servers. I cannot tell you how many times I lost a base I worked on for weeks due to the server owner. Not only that, they also have the ability to know who has broken into a base and many times if you break into one of theirs or their allies they will grieve you in game. Every player controlled server I've ever played on is now either gone or has rotten admins and core group...yeah , official servers all the way me as I don't appreciate having my time completely wasted.



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