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    Incoming weapon sway? -_0

    I just saw this work in progress on twitter:
    While I think holding your breath should be advisable for long range weapons like hunting and sniper rifles, I think having to hold your breath to shoot from your hip is a bit silly.
    The sway in that animation looks way excessive, it's like a drunk man is holding that rifle.

    I am just trying to provide some constructive criticism here. As I said I like the idea for long range weapons, but that's not good for close and mid-range weapons that can be used from the hip, especially for semiautomatic weapons recoil is already enough to make them inaccurate as they are.

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    I believe that he is holding the weapon in what is call the "low ready". This means he is not aiming at anything, but should anything pop up and he needs to aim down sight, he is ready. Holding any weapon system for long periods of time is taxing and sway happens. This is very accurate, in my opinion. I believe this will be resolved when you actually take aim.

    I do understand you frustration and I appreciate your input for the devs and for conversation!



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