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    I love this game <3

    I just wanted to let the developers know that they are making a really good survival game. I am really enjoying it so far, and it's just an alpha with an unfinished map!
    There are countless survival games now, but Miscreated is the gem that outshines them all. Sure, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed (snapping base parts together, floating bases, and a few occasional bugs), but imho this is the only game that combines good survival mechanics (without being too hardcore) with very immersive exploration and exciting NPC and player encounters.
    The world is so detailed, life-like and varied that it's always a pleasure to roam around, and the loot is so diverse that you never know what cool things you may find.

    I just wanted to let the devs know that even if you see a lot of complaining and criticism on these forums, that doesn't mean that many players don't love the game. I think it's quite the opposite in fact, many people like it and they want it to be perfect. See all those comments as constructive criticism, and please never give up on this game, you are doing an awesome job!
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