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Thread: Bleed changes

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    Exclamation Bleed changes

    Bleeding is a very annoying thing.
    It can kill you on 100% HP, and in early stages, finding bandage is a real luck. Changing the bleed effect to not be permanent, at least first level, would help. My suggestion is to make it disappear after, like, 2 minutes, and 2nd lvl of bleed would become 1st lvl after 2 minutes aswell. Only 3rd lvl would require bandage to become 1st lvl.
    I hope bleed will be changed, as it is a real pain-in-the-ass

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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Sep 2016
    Its really easy to find rags, they also stop the bleeding effect and you can serch them for example in sleeping bags, tents and bedrooms, its about a 50% chance to find them.

    Rags are also usefull to craft a rope and a rope together with another rag gives you a backpack.

    And for crafting a hatchet too, you can get a first mellee to defend yourself against the mutants.

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    Wasteland Warrior HunterKiller's Avatar
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    Bleeding now, is bugged. I bled out and died @ 40% the other day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterKiller View Post
    Bleeding now, is bugged. I bled out and died @ 40% the other day.
    Is that because you pass out and can't bandage? I think something like that happened to me as well.



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