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    Angry 18 Glitches and Connection Issues!!!

    All these glitches and complains have happen in our whitelisted server that has around 100 active members.

    1-Cars often have jerky stutter.

    2-If a car is inside a base your unable to get down if the car is centered you have to aline it to the right to get down.

    3-we got alot of reports of loot is missing from inventory including base storage and cars inventory when we do a manual restart on the server panel.

    4-Reports of game crashing when driving

    5-Problems connecting to whitelisted servers even if your on the whitelist

    6-Server Panel Button said "Enable Whitelist" instead of it saying "Disable Whitelist" during a active white on our server.

    7-If server is transferred to a different state it no longer is listed under the players favorite servers or history causing us to loose alot of members for beeing unable to find the server. (server was migrated from Texas to Virginia, recommended by i3d since it was affected by the hurricane)

    8-dead bodies not syncing in same location of other clients

    9-Reports of people using lower resolutions and lower graphic settings to gain advantage over others that are trying to "hide" (This is a unfair advantage and the players with most kills are using this "glitch")

    10-Reports of people spawning fresh like if they died even thou they where not attacked according to the server logs and having logged out of the game before exiting

    11-Military truck tips over too easy. (Unsure if intentional)

    12-Buss gets stuck in a lot of areas of the map.

    13-can see trew walls if you get near them and at a certain angel zoom in with the mouse wheel. (Should be a easy fix if you increase the size of the collision box)

    14-Building parts sometimes appear above the item (Example: Placing a door in the door-frame can cause it to place on-top of the door frame)

    15-Loot is too Predictable - we have a member that knows exactly what spawns in every location based on color, number of floors, etc etc.

    16-Had a friend drive the orange pickup and he parked it too close to a storage container and when i got down i got stuck inside it. (it took me 20 minutes to figure out a way to get out by clipping the cars door back into the container)

    17-When you are killing a zombie/mutant sometimes "kill it" and hear the sound of it being dead but the body dont show-up on the floor and it still keeps attacking you. (Sync problems?)

    18-Enter the game and the server announces you died by fire and unable to enter unless you re-spawn.

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    great list, some feedback:

    1 -- as faster you move (or look around) as more the game has to load, faster CPU and saving game on SSD could help, not sure anything on server side can done
    6 -- is it a Miscreated or a i3d bug?
    8 -- is probably a performance issue, the animation is calculated on client side, no server traffic
    9 -- shouldn't happen, best if you/one can make a video
    10 -- hard to find out what this is unless you find a rule, can reproduce it and predicting before it happened that it happens
    12 -- screenshots would be nice, also best if you can always reproduce it
    13 -- please send a screenshot sample, I guess you mean base walls? also which kind of base walls?
    14 -- shift key doesn't help?
    15 -- not sure what you mean with "predictable", predictable that there is loot, or predictable that there is a specific kind of loot, like there is an AK in the next room?
    17 -- its a known bug, but it would help if you can find a rule when and why that happens, to make it reproduceable, otherwise its very difficult to fix.
    18 -- also here would be great go get more details to get it reproduced, or to make a video

    thanks a lot, also the other points are not lost



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