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    Us server75 #2006 ?????????

    Why has this server been at 50/50 for the past 24 hours almost now straight. every time i try to join it gives me a connection error message. It is not just me , other people are having the same issue ??? since 5pm last night or something it has had50/50 people and has not dropped once ????? is the server down ???

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    it has stayed at 50/50 since last night and has not dropped once.

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    Please fix server official miscreated brazil 2!!!

    Cant joing !!!!

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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Sep 2016
    You can check easily if a official server doesn't work properly, check if its ingame time stands still.

    For official servers ask on the Miscreated discord for a server restart also if you can login but don't spawn correctly.

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    Us server75 #2006

    Sorry for the unexpected outage. Coffee in the keyboard, cleaning it now. Server should be back up within 15-30 minutes tops.

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    Us server75 #2006

    Noticing that the site name is not resolving properly, on any OS at my house.

    I ask rhetorically, is something going on?



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