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    Helmet 2k17? lmao

    why can you get one shot, from a crafted rifle, when wearing a helmet? like that just provokes really boring gameplay. when getting a crafted rifle, there is already a scope, thats ok. but that being able to one shot anybody with one headshot on a guy with a helmet on? come on, plz. it would be ok if it was a sniper rifle you know, this powerfull gun. its just killing the game that a heavy armored guy can get so easyli killed by so easy obtainable weapons. I dunno, for me it just kills the game.

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    Harbinger of destruction
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    what kind of helmet? Not every helemet delivers protection, if and how much you can see in the inventory. Also check the helmet health/durability, zero durability is a destroyed helm.

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    From what I can see, the SWAT helmet is the best.

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    Helmet 2k17 lmao

    I just recently removed all of my padding from my full face helmet, and washed it. Kind of easy to do.
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