Hello, i would like to introduce some of your suggestions since at least one of them is definitely good

1. Create a program for players / moderators so they can design sites, buildings that could get to the steam workshop from where they would be evaluated and added to the game, would vary the amount of buildings and terrain.

2. Optimized for AMD / INTEL because I noticed that the game is powered by multi-core but not multi-threading, and therefore, on most AMD-based computers, you may experience performance drop despite very good components.

3. Completely remodeling crafting, similar to that of RUST, because it would help the players, because unfortunately today's crafting is not the worst thing I've seen but it's pretty crappy.

4. More radiation-contaminated areas, some laboratories, swamps, canals and more, you have the field to show off

New weapons because the current quantity is unsatisfactory: | Any new pistols, pms, miles, here you also have a wide aspect

6. After rebuilding crafting, I would recommend introducing a LVL character system so that you can use the points gained for level to develop more "skill" type of lifting capacity, each skill would have eg 3 levels and added, for example, as given in the above 2kg for lifting capacity.

7. Days of the week and hordes of mutants once a week, true it will be similar to 7days to die but after all you do not have to do it perfectly like the studio that created 7days ..

8. Magnifying the map because the current area is unsatisfactory after a day's play, you may already be considered a game expert.

9. Mutants, large variety and more of them not only in villages and towns, but also in canals, forests in swamps, you have trouble to invent, play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.A or Fallout, do not copy from them but you can do something similar.

10. Remove any cuts that exist in the game, eg when entering the inventory there is a small cut on each but it's on each computer, also while driving the cars sometimes like to teleport back and forth while driving our friend "These are the endless shadows.

11. Changing the appearance of the equipment, although the idea is ok, but already old good S.T.A.L.K.E.R has much better and nicer equipment

12. Repairing and deflating the drive by any vehicles, not to mention cycling

Thanks and good luck