I'm calling out to the Developers of Miscreated to answer this post and do something. As the title says people are duping and using piles of sticks to exploit and ruin Miscreated. They are duping entire duffel bag contents to obtain unlimited ammo then blowing away our walls, doors etc then use piles of sticks stacked even 2 gatehouse doors high or higher to get into our bases. In a few of my bases all items were gone from my storage even without them opening up a wall or door to the storage..so somehow they just need to get close to them and can get the stuff through a wall or door.

I have played this game over 1500 hours and have learned how to build non floating bases that cannot be raided under normal circumstances and its taken me many many hours to learn how even so its all down the tubes with these exploits. So I'm done with Miscreated unfortunately until these things get solved. What is going on is simply not fair to players who play legitimately like myself. This is happening btw to all Miscreated servers and its spreading like wildfire ( as the video in one post here shows). I have access to many bases across several servers and all but one have been broken into this way and I know its just a matter of time before it gets hit so I'm just going to hand out its contents to random players now.

Developers you really need to focus on this issue or you will drastically loose your player base as you just lost me. There is just no point to playing now as it is fast becoming a battle of dupers and pile of stick exploiters.

Farewell fellow players