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Thread: Where am I?

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    Where am I?


    Just woke up on the bank of a river, anybody out there??


    P.S. Bought the game recently, and gotta say, it is amazing so far! Can't wait to see how it develops!

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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Sep 2016
    You always spawn in the south of the island, most probably the river flows from east to west and flows past some cities.

    Have fun!

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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Mar 2015
    Eastern U.S. atop a remote mountain.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gentem View Post
    Can't wait to see how it develops!
    Very slowly lol, but it has come a long way

    Always glad to see a friendly survivor join.

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    Mutant Bait
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    Sep 2017

    Where am I

    Does anyone know where Arthur Lowe lived? I only recently heard he was supposed to have lived in Lynn for some years.



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