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    Harvesting and fishing

    Harvesting vegetable/fruit in your base make your own little garden could be nice or in the forrest and fishing would be nice too

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    Nov 2016
    I was going to start a thread for farming, than i saw this thread and i am here to support your idea. In game i saw a fishing rod few times, we should be able to use it. Also supporting your harverset idea. There are planty of plants out there, it's pity of us not to be able to harvest them. One more thing; i also want to be able to grow plants and harvest them like a farmer in my base. That would be awesome

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    Fishing is definitely in the queue, and the dev discussed it in one or more of their streams. You can find previous dev streams at their official youtube channel The past dev streams are still available, like this one. Sorry I can't point you to which one includes fishing, but they have confirmed it. I know it's hard to look up past posts and video, but both of these things have been discussed for a long time.



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