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    Radioactive area of the map

    Hey, I know you guys probably already have plans for the parts of the map that aren't accessible yet, but i have an idea that would be cool. How about a radioactive area, only accessible with a gas mask and rad suit. Like say a nuclear power plant that went into meltdown after the war. Or a biological research facility. Heres the thing, it has radioactive mutants, stronger, bigger and harder to kill than the current ones. Even add radioactive wolves too, that add radiation when they bite you. But heres the reward. You can find radioactive bullets, that are twice as deadly as normal ones because they slowly kill you from radiation Craft dirty trap bombs/grenades using nuclear material found in the rad zone.

    Cant see why not, after all the game is based on nuclear fallout from a war and as far as i can tell there isnt currently any power source such as a power station on the island, or a hospital for that matter.

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    Great idea in my opinion!

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    Awsome idea! Mutant raid bosses maybe...



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