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    Patch 49 Build Issues

    So before patch 49 I could place gatehouse doors, walls, pungi traps on the metal floor of the water tower but not anymore. This is a big issue because when someone comes up the ladder I have walls, traps etc there to slow them down but now once they are removed by either me packing them up or a player destroying them they cannot be placed back anymore. Also I have to be able to place a ramp to gain access to the main part of my base which I can no longer do. This after I just got done spending 2 weeks building at least 5 hours per day ??? Not real happy right now to say the least..this is making me not even want to build anymore which is the main reason I play this game and spent over 1.3k hours.

    When I first started miscreated I would build bases on player controlled servers only to get all finished building and have them stop paying and other bs then loose my bases. So I started building on official servers so I wouldn't loose all time I put in. To loose access to my base this way on an official server is a bit much. It gives me zero confidence in building now. Thanks miscreated for screwing up access to my base that I spent an enormous amount of time building. Its probably due the part of the patch dealing with people placing plot signs on anything other than a rock or land I'm sure of that..but when they said whoever has already placed a plot sign on these other locations wont loose it..well think again, at least in my case.
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