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    Update #49 Canīt access Inventory of busses and trucks

    after Update#49 iīm not able to get the inventory of the busses or the trucks.

    Also, im dying multiple times in my Base, after leaving an vehicle. Thes stand close together. Before the Update was installed, it works fine. Maybe itīs a bug, i donīt know.
    Other Players on our Server, told me the same issues.

    So i hope, the Devīs have a look on it, and fix it. Thankīs for this great Game. It is only Alpha, but i think, you are on the right way, to create an awsome Game.

    Have a nice day,


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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Sep 2016
    As a workaround there is at least one position at the bus where you can access inventory and probably for the truck too.

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    Mutant Bait
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    Nov 2016
    On the 5-ton I seem to be able to access the inventory at the gas tank on ether side of the truck.



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