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    It's the Loot, Stupid!

    I like this game. That's unusual for me because I usually dislike
    survival/perma-death type games. Too often they feel like you're
    never getting anywhere, especially in the learning phase, when
    you're trying to figure out how to play, but you keep getting killed
    and have to start over, looking for the same gear and running the
    same paths you did half an hour ago, just to get back to where you
    were and continue on.

    It was that way at the beginning with Miscreated as well. It still is.
    I just had my third character wipe on #2006. Right down to my
    underwear. Lost a lot of good gear. I don't really care; it's in Alpha
    and it's to be expected.

    But the thing is this: I'm now spending hours - literally, RL hours -
    running through houses and buildings (all of which look exactly the
    same) and I have no good loot at all to show for it, except a few beanies,
    baseball caps, canned fruit, and a small number of bullets in a caliber
    I don't even have a gun for.

    It becomes tedious and boring. Searching the same rooms over and over
    again and finding nothing good; no gear that would enable me even to
    attempt any PvP. (Ya can't bring a knife to a gun fight.) What I'm saying
    is that it's taking too long to get back to where I was just a couple of days
    ago. It would be the same if I had been killed by another player or a mutant.

    Gamers like to advance in skill, and loot is proof-positive that they are making
    progress. Running in and out of the same rooms for hours and hours and
    having nothing to show for it, makes a gamer feel like he's not getting anywhere.
    People get bored and drift away.

    During the 1992 American Presidential election, James Carville had a sign on his
    office wall that read, "The Economy, Stupid" to remind him that this was what
    the people wanted him to focus on. With all due humility, I suggest that the Dev's
    put one of these up in the office, changing the word "Economy" to "Loot" to remind
    them that the players want cool gear to find.

    This is of course, only my opinion, and I'm only one player. But I think most Miscreated
    players would cast a vote in favor of more frequent and better loot spawns/drops. It's
    fun to find good stuff that makes you feel more powerful. If I'm wrong, the other players
    reading this board can post below and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I
    won't take it personally.

    Now, I watched the Dev stream on Twitch a few days ago, and I heard someone say that
    the loot spawns would be more frequent in the next update. I hope that happens as I think
    it would encourage people to play more frequently and consistently, and not lose interest.

    TL; DR: I think more/better loot would go a long way toward raising the number of average
    players in game from the 700 or so that it seems to be hovering around.

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    Thank you for the that, Kniff. I'm going to check those videos out.

    I know the best loot is up north, but when you spawn down around
    Pinecrest, you've got to make your way up there with nothing but
    a flashlight. After my last wipe, I made my way from the airfield
    all the way up to Cedar Park, and when I got there all I had was a
    shotgun with 4 shells and a Renegade 700 with 10 rounds.

    Needless to say, I wasn't particularly comfortable going into down-
    town with that little protection.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think there should be more
    and better loot drops down south. That way you can get up and into
    PvP a bit faster, and you don't have to spend so much time searching
    the same houses over and over again.

    I'm dying to check out the new sewer in the next update, but I won't
    go in there unless I know I can defend myself.

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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Sep 2016
    You know the military checkpoints on the way to Hayward? There you always should find something to not enter Hayward without a weapon.

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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Mar 2015
    Eastern U.S. atop a remote mountain.
    If you want to get together sometime I could show you some of my common routes and looting habits. I just simply do not have a problem getting loot. That isn't to say that you can't get into a tough spot because of being a new spawn, but I wouldn't want to take that away. It's a part of the excitement of the game, that tension of striving to get gear in time to survive the next trouble.

    Navigation is a major thing, also one of the most fun challenges of the game to me. One place I consider going when I spawn near PC is the trailer park above the river. If that zone is too hot or I don't have good gear by the time I get nervous I can head north/northwest to the hunting shack and the lone house near it (assuming I don't want to risk the PC suburbs). And from there, several other optional loot spots to reach by cross country routes nearby. There is always another option.



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