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    It says Troll right there on the label.

    Don't feed the trolls people !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollanati View Post
    This shit right here is going to provoke me to form a consumer watch group for these types of situations.It's basically like defrauding investors.
    I think Trollanati wishes he were a troll because its more socially acceptable than being blatantly ignorant. He believes his own hogwash.

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    770 avg. Players in Miscreated, trend still sinking.

    Enough said.

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    After over 3 Years "Open Access Alpha" 770 Players is a joke ..

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    Please don't compare Miscreated to a battle royale genre game... The only reason I play Miscreated is exactly because it's not battle royale (meaning it's not survive to kill but rather kill to survive, where killing is not the objective of the game).

    Great! Now carry on with your rants...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdayDr1en View Post
    the ignorance and criticisms in this thread are astounding.

    - funding

    - team size

    - why they chose cryengine

    - rebel horizons

    if you all paid attention on the forums and reddit, maybe used the search functions, maybe actually browsed the official site FAQ and ABOUT pages, maybe actually followed all the news feed updates..

    you'd have answers to a lot of your questions and you might not call the devs so shady or dishonest.
    especially you, trollanati. so quick to accuse when you admit to being ignorant. disgusting.
    you have serious mental issues to criticize the devs for being human and not making their lives all about you and being 100% focused on your game when they have families and personal lives of their own. get help. don't breed either. vacation is a vacation, and this game is their full-time job. they've said this.

    trunks, for a founder, you live under a rock. the community ruined dates and streams and eta's. that is why the devs aren't as responsive anymore. you know what prompted this ? idiots watching the lead dev's last stream screenshotted a placeholder patch date and posted it on the forums which confused people and made them mad. how are you a founder ? 2 years i have with this game and i know more than you about it.

    really. you all should be ashamed of yourselves. for one, i know just by the way you all talk you have never actually programmed anything or actually worked on a game. i am a 3d artist with very basic understanding of scripting. i know game development. all you people don't and should not be flapping your fat mouths about things you know nothing about when you talk development, development time, and sales.

    let me break it down for you

    - sales

    PUB is not a survival game. it is Battle Royale. there is a larger market for battle royale than there is for survival games. you know why ? because survival is a niche genre. people play battle royale because they only want the open world experience and killing eachother. BR is for casual gamers who make up majority of the gaming market. it is harder to sell a game where people have to worry about eating. most people play fallout 4 when they want survival because of this fact.

    - development time and differences in features and assets

    Battle Royale: running around killing things; that is all you do in the game. basic things like prone are already in the game because the pvp focus was prioritized at the start. the game has no features. it is literally open world deathmatch; it's battlefield deathmatch cut off from main game essentially. and it's honestly a rip off to sell standalone.

    Survival: aside from running around and killing things, resource management, character needs, pve(a.i.), world interaction, base building, more planned than what we know.

    Miscreated only seems like it's taking longer because it's a bigger game in scope. it is not all PVP. right now, you guys are misjudging the progress of this game based on your opinions of another game that is completely different right now. PUB just consists of assets; guns, clothes, vehicles. Miscreated has all that and then some. miscreated also has a focus on features. it is not all assets, it is not all pvp. there is literally more game to make here. that's why it is taking longer.

    - Escape From Tarkov

    i've seen people try to compare EFT with Miscreated. they are idiots.

    EFT is glorified BR. It is not a survival game at all. the media only labeled it one because it looks like stalker and is made by Ukrainian developers. the devs of the game even said it not survival, "you don't have to worry about eating", etc. it's just killing and looting and the freeroam map will be about the size of a small battlefield map. if anything, it would be a rip off if it was advertised as a survival game. it's just hardcore battle royale.
    Just because I am a founder doesn't mean I need to be a fanboy like yourself Gud and research every recent event. Prove me wrong about it's future because so far I've been right. I had almost 500 posts in the early years of this game, believe me I was very much active and loved this game to death, it's the time + devs involvement with the community that has pushed myself away (until they finally make it into a proper survival game).
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    There's no reason at all, that people should spend all day surfing the Net for input on places like Twitter & FB and the like for any game. That's just Social Networking and for wanting to be recognized on the Internet. This is the official Micscreated forum and this is where the answers should be and the developers should be more active here, than elsewhere, answering our questions. I'll be damned if I'm going to surf the Net all day long when there's a forum for it. All I've seen here so far is, members posting their assumptions of what's going on. That's not what I want to see, I want the developers responding to our questions and issues.

    As for that fella being on vacation, I seems they've all been on vacation after the first 6mill was made.

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    - rebel horizons
    That is what bothers me. If your team is not big enough to finish game in several years, and have a lot of work to do yet, what should you do? Split the resourses between two games? Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollanati View Post
    Can't manufacture aluminum arrows? Bolts?
    How the fuck would you allow the capability to make modified Arrows,and bolts,but not arrows in general?
    Afraid people might actually make too many of them,and progress in the game quicker with a bow,than a firearm?

    And I would like to know how your funding the development,and why such little progress seems to be,being made.
    PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS took very short amount of time,and was released as a intensely polished early access/beta.
    What is your excuse?
    Ps; They only made 11 million dollars after they released it 10$ more than this game.So don't say it's funding.
    You seem to be funded by primarily the consumers,meaning you have no investors other than the players,is that why it's taken so long?
    I am not trying to insult,or offend anyone on the development team,but why don't you all look at each other,and ask how long your going to drag people on,who think they will end up playing a finished product with more than a thousand players active at any given time?
    - I do admire the development team for what they have so far,that's why I am prodding for a reason for the lack of progress on the title.
    Hello, you sound like a cunt, but with the name Troll hidden in your username i am unsure if you are flame baiting. If not, then I highly suggest, you get some of your friends up to date on all aspects of game development and find your way around 3d programs, and then develop a sandbox survival game from the ground up. I suggest you do it in the same time frame as battlegrounds (which had a much bigger dev base) If you succeed to create a fully functional game within 3 years that has over 5 million players active on your servers. I also expect you to deal with the whiny little man children like yourself that are demanding answers on how a game that started development a week prior isnt finished. If you cannot do better or achieve all the things i mentioned, then Its best you continue sticking toy cars up your ass and beating your mother every time your pc suffers lag when playing battlegrounds.

    If this all sounds like too much work, then seriously fuck off, because you have no idea how game devlopment works, now get yourself a fruit shoot and some crayons & leave the forum posts to the grown ups.



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