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    Remove rock/pickaxe requirement for campfires

    One of my biggest gripes right now with the game is the requirement to have a pickaxe to be able to create a simple campfire. In real life most people would probably go looking for small rocks on the ground instead of trying to mine the stuff from a cliff or a bigger rock. I know there has to be some kind of requirement so that you can't just create a campfire like that, but it doesn't really make sense that if you're without a pickaxe then you're out of luck. Having to find an axe for wood should be enough in my opinion.

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    wall with two flatness
    walls and platform with holes)
    some strange recipes for craft)

    it's miscreated) wait for remaking of craft system)

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    Rock-spawns on the strand or spawns on rocky underground would be cool for rocks (what you can also throw) and maybe dried boughs too for campfires.
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    Now we have the option to craft a pickaxe but you need ROCKS to do so. How do you get rocks without using a pickaxe and if you already have one, why would you need to craft one to begin with?

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    Loot the first one and then start your pick axe business maybe?

    There is a good chance that with Update 50 items don't have endless durability any longer.

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    Just read some good news from Update 50. Now you can pick rocks from the ground depending on the terrain.

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    And mellees have durability, even if not in the patch notes



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