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    Jan 2014

    SASUNITY.COM *=SAS=* Stars and Stripes Multi-Servers in PVE,PVP,Factions and Events

    Hi Folks,
    We've been around for many years in gaming. We are looking for members to join us. You can fill out an application here If you are having problems just join our teamspeak server. If you want to pub that is fine too. You can find us on..
    teamspeak server (Best Option)
    Steam Group

    PVP with 24/7 Daylight
    SASUNITY.COM 24 Daylight|Loot|PVP|Dedicated|USEAST

    PVP - With Nights
    SASUNITY.COM 24/7 Admins|Tornado|Fast Nights|USEast

    PVP First person only with fast nights
    SASUNITY.COM 24/7 First Person|Realism|Fast Nights|PVP

    PVE- Player VS Enviroment No killing , Base Raiding , Can loot insecure bases, Can steal vehicles if not protected, can rob people but cannot kill.
    SASUNITY.COM 24/7 Admins|Fast Nights|PVE

    PVP/PVE Role Play Server strict rules enforced.Play your role visit
    SASUNITY.COM RP|Faction|No KOS|Active Admins

    Event Server - No PVPing - We share everything and build everywhere. When used for event must help out share, setup for event.

    Server Commands:
    !Restart ( Count down for server restart)
    !Pop (Tell you how many players are playing on the server)
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    Jan 2014
    looking for players and events come check us out.
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