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    Need help! Game DLL error while launching the game!

    Greetings Miscreated forum users,

    recently I wrote a new thread about a problem of mine while launching Miscreated via steam. Today I want to tell you a problem that a friend of mine has and can't connect to the game.


    When he launch the game, the first loading page completes and then an error appears that says ''Failed to load the Game DLL! CryGameSDK.dll'' ( You can see the picture here---> )

    What he's got to do? He tried to verify files again but it didn't work. Any other solution?

    Yours sincerely,

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    It can have many reasons.

    Easiest to check if his Windows system is up to date (for example Windows 7 needs SP1 otherwise you get this message), to exclude Windows as reason install every Windows update.

    Also he needs a 64 bit Windows.

    If it doesn't help, try to reinstall Miscreated as Admin.

    A feedback would be great.



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