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    Smile I have questions about miscreated!

    I want to get miscreated so I am buying a gaming PC, if I get the minimum requirements for playing the game on my PC how well will it run, willl it freeze or lag more, or will it run nice and smooth. Also will the requirements for the game ever go up, so that I would have to upgrade my pc?

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    I'm not sure what specifications you are looking at, but anything remotely suited to be called a gaming pc, even a budget gaming pc, should easily handle this game. The game requirements have actually gone up a little bit in the years since early access began, but that's a fair expectation of an early access game, and optimizations continue to be made.

    A Geforce GTX 460 was considered the minimum requirement for Miscreated when I began playing two years ago, and for what that would have cost back then, you can now buy a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ($140 shipped) that can run this game beautifully. So absolutely don't invest in any less graphics than that and you should run this game just fine. RAM is relatively cheap, so surely your new gaming pc won't have less than 16 or 32GB. I'm not making high end recommendations, just encouraging you that the bar isn't all that high.



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