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    Harbinger of destruction
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    Mar 2015
    Eastern U.S. atop a remote mountain.

    My latest project

    I once built a pyramid on Mrs. Miscreated whitelist, some of you have seen it. It wasn't that great, but was a pretty fair first version that took a lot of experimenting with techniques and TONS of rag farming!

    After joining d3nnike's server he saw a screenshot of that and was hoping that we'd build one on his server, so here's a look at what I've been doing. My friend Sully Courage has been the biggest rag contributor, as well as a couple of generous solo players on the server that drop off rags almost daily at the trading post.

    When finished, there will be an entrance in the back leading to a candle light chamber with a golden gnome inside

    And yes, I know it is an absurd massive waste of time!

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    Jan 2014
    Very nice and creative well done. Thank you for sharing
    Miscreated servers powered by TrinityGames

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    Looking good man! Stay creative 92



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