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    Farming, ranching animals. bases, safe Zones and cloud system for loot.

    Farming is something that would be an awesome addition and would assign a whole new set of tasks to your group or individual, The crops could be on a time based system that could take hours or so before server reboot. And with ranching Animal could be collected in masses for food production. And with faster base building would allow more people and groups to be able to fight and almost compete for territory. And with safe zones it would be designated points where players could leave servers or even be afk. Or even be able to eventually store their loot in a cloud system.

    These are just suggestions. Hope to continue to see this game come together its coming along great! Keep up the good work!

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    What do you mean by a 'Cloud System'? A place where you can store stuff that none can get? If that is what you meant it's a bad idea. However I fully support the idea of farming both crops and animals. All those fresh foods we find should be plant able.

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    I thought I read somewhere they will have options to be self sufficient or partly later on.
    I'd like to see a hydroponic set up. Another use for gen other than lights.

    Why can't I get bacon or pork from the pig? I need a more varied diet than wolf steaks !

    I'd rather have my base raided than have Cloud Storage.



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