Hey guys
I'll be streaming miscreated this upcoming week mar 12-19. In hopes of increasing the popularity of the game, the community and my stream by showcasing some of the games features like pvp, pve and base building. I'll be giving away 2 50$ steam gift cards. Only requirements is to come by the stream and ask 1 question, it can be miscreated related or about anything. I'll log your twitch IDs with nightbot. Each person will get 1 entry per unique twitch username. The draws will be on Wednesday and Friday at the end of each stream.
Schedule below.

Mar 12 Sunday: 9-530 MST
Mar 13 Monday: off
Mar 14 Tuesday: 8-530 MST
Mar 15 Wednesday: 2-12 MST DRAW!
Mar 16 Thursday: 8-530 MST
Mar 17 Friday: 8-530 MST DRAW!

Hope to see everyone online, I'll also be playing with viewers.