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    So far i played 27 hours and found only one guide. I know that killing a big mutants can grant a chance to earn one, but i saw them only once too (not even talking that i almost never have anything i can kill them with). Even if i play more and farm really hard, i can keep finding guides that i do not need or guides that i already have. After all it just comes to having a really, really good luck, and it's really frustrating when you can't enjoy building stuff just because you having a bad luck. Finding recipies on each new server you join - is a massive amoutn of grind, and if for some reason you will have to switch server (lags, bad admins, server not existing anymore) - you will have to start that all over again.

    Is that supose to be fun?

    I am totaly fine when you have to search for any other items again and again, because only in rare cases you need anything specific - often you are fine with whatever you can find. But that won't work with crafting, where without right recipies your base not only ugly, but also deffencless.

    I don't see any harm to gameplay if you will learn recipies for your character, and not the server you play on. You STILL will have to spent months on finding all of them, but at least you can be sure that you won't need to do it again. And again. And again. Many players won't have the time to do that, and won't have the ability to enjoy all this game has to offer. Do you really want it to be that way, limiting good bases only to tryhards who either stick at one server all the time, or have weeks or months to farm them repicies again? Also, we still need to find building parts - and some of them are pretty rare too. There is no reason to make this grind harder like that. Please, let crafting recipies be binded to the character, and not to the server.

    Or at least make them most common drop, so after one or two weeks on new server you will find all of them for sure, because they will spawn everywhere. But i would like character-bind system a lot more.
    100% agree! Maybe thats the reason most of people on this game prefer PVP

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    yeah I find it so frustrating having to start over on a new server because i use one server for roleplay, one server for pvp and a 3rd just for recording content and having to find all the guides all over are annoying

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    This is not DayZ and I think it's better this way. Been killed while trying to get gear and once I do, players change servers easily enough to kill you, take your gear then leave. That's garbage. Not to add, befriending you for a while then, logging of, changing outfits, logging back in and already knowing where you are, finding you and killing you.



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