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    Jun 2016

    Lightbulb Suggestions For Miscreated.

    Hello! I just got miscreated and I love it. Just a few things i'd love to suggest.

    - This game is already very well optimised but if I could run it with better settings right off the bat that would be great that way even if my computer wasn't so great I could still play it on more than low settings.

    -The cars are fun but they slide on the ground like they have the traction of soap. If there was a way to mke the handling better or make the mechanics for driving a little smoother I would greatly appreciate it!

    -I would like to address that the map is not very helpful. Figuring out where you are is very difficult and some elements of the map (such as bridges) do not show up making it even harder to pinpoint your location. And the words are very small so it is hard to see where each city is for beginners.

    -The menu is too small but very good looking

    So all in all I love this game but as it is in alpha I expect there to be some aspects that aren't quite perfect. I just thought I would address them and just let people know some of the things I would love to see happen in Miscreated's future.

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    Hi Tyrone. Glad you are playing. You probably already know about some of the excellent things happening in the upcoming patch (already available if you plan experimental server).

    Just a couple of personal thoughts on your suggestions. You know how it goes with early access, optimizations are still coming down the pipe all the time. There are some other threads from the past suggesting other setting variables. The first big thing that's happening is the switch to a new "item relevance system" that will cut down a ton of the data load on servers and clients.

    I will agree that vehicle handling has a couple of quirks, but it's come a long way, and some vehicles definitely have better traction than others. I'm going to reserve further criticism on vehicle physics until after the next patch, since I already know that at least one aspect is being fine tuned; namely that power should finally better reflect the number of wheels installed.

    The one that I really want to comment on is the map! Until pretty recently there was no map at all in this game except for crude player made maps. I think the in-game map is actually not bad, except I feel it's a little awkward to view. Some players have always felt that it's more realistic to just learn the map by experience, and I have appreciation for that although it gives such an advantage to experienced players. What I recommend instead of using the item slot to view a map is to bookmark this user made map and link it in a chat in steam overlay. It is quite good in detail. As for bridges, anywhere you see a road crossing a river...well...bridge! Actually the one of the far left around Horseshoe Beach crosses a dam, if that matters. You will start to recognize the difference in some bridges by the number of segments also.

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    Good points.

    I'd like to add off your menu idea. I've had this idea for quite some time. I've been trying to push it on the DayZ devs for a couple years but I don't think it's the direction they are taking.

    Make the inventory an interactive table. I'd like to press the inventory button, and have my inventory be displayed in front of me on a table like surface. My backpack in one corner, where I can open it and access those contents in another window. The items in my pants, vest, and shirt also allocated on different points of the surface. Maybe an option for each item to open up a separate window, allowing to further inspect the item with descriptions to match, let me know if I can help.

    Also a seperate area on the same surface for guns and ammunition, along with the option to inspect.

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    Jul 2016
    I like the map, once you got used to it. Does its texture quality depend on our presets, though? Maybe that's why it is hard to read for some. Bridges are on the map, as far as I can tell. You can use the sunrise and water-currents (almost all rivers run south) for orientation. Also the viewing distance is pretty good, so I can often see the radio tower or the central big mountain and get my bearings. I love how at night your pals can shine a light for you to read the map

    I would like one thing though. I hope you don't have to click each time to swing your axe at a tree in the future. I wanna hold that button down and keep chopping. Also I'm not sure why tents can't be placed in your base. But maybe that is a design decision, like the flashlight/gun thing. But I think nobody will really want to use a tent in the wild, except for interim storage.

    It would also be nice if you could drag stuff from a dead body to the floor and not only to inventory. As for basebuilding - I really hope there will be better tools, as it is a pain in the ass to build walls on top of each other sometimes. I guess it only works right if you have a level floor at the same height to stand on. Somehow that is realistic, but it isn't much fun.

    More loot in caves would be nice. Awesome caves, btw.

    I've had this game for roughly two weeks now. Haven't touched Dayz (where I have over 1000hours in the SA), haven't played anything else. I like lots and lots of things about Miscreated. I actually think it feels like the Dayz mods in their best days. When people were still somewhat cooperative and played survival and not only kos. The weather is fantastic and I like how daytime determines my activities (to some extend). With a proper medical system and true benefits for resting and crafting, this will be the best survival game out there. I'm not sure it isn't already

    Oh, also more suggestions: maybe a paraglider and hangglider? something you can carry instead of your backpack. It should have a few slots though (4?) when you give up your backpack for it.

    I'd also like a hunting backpack with the ability to carry 1-2 more rifles and a couple of slots for equipment/meat.
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    Suggestions For Miscreated

    So I figure now is a great time to ask if there are any suggestions for new features or changes to the site. Well use this as a central thread for everyone to post their ideas.

    Please add Unique and non-unique to the search fields.


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    Mutant Bait Sckiz1's Avatar
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    May 2017

    I think its time.

    When i was told that this game has been out since 2014 and is in alpha stage i was quite shocked to see in 2017 there is still no option to choose race or integrate your ideas for looks of your character other than clothing items that basically make you look like every other character in the servers.
    I think this needs to be changed as well as facial and body structured features etc.

    I would like to see mods for vehicles like ram or light fittings mounted weapons etc.

    helicopters and parachutes for helli-drops.

    Machete your in a bush forest type setting and have not put in a Machete!?

    Jet-bikes for travelling the water areas.

    GPS tab to see exact location on map or a pointer to show where you are on map.

    Plot building to create food supplies but refresh every harvest so need to keep collecting seeds and fertiliser.
    Higher increase in carrying weight maybe a blueprint level 1 and 2.

    And lastly Traps for bases and for when exploring the map areas blueprints 1 and 2.

    Love this game but kinda feel upset there is only one colour you can be does not seem fair...



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