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    Question How to report bugs/glitches.

    Think you have what it takes to be a top-notch bug squasher? Then welcome aboard!

    Whether it is a small texture glitch, or a game breaking crash, every bug report helps. We greatly appreciate any that you report because it helps us make a better game. Here is some information you can include in a bug report that will help us crush those little buggers.

    These are very helpful! If you want to go the extra mile you can take a video clip as well. Remember there is no NDA, so feel free to post these anywhere you want.

    Be as descriptive as possible.
    The more detail the better. Please try and describe every step (if applicable) that you used to cause the bug. What were you doing? What items were you carrying? Were you jumping, crouching, sprinting? Etc... The more information the better!

    Post in the appropriate section to help us find it more quickly!
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    wrong post

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    Bugs Found

    I hope to help with the game

    1-When I go out and entered in the server waiting for 30 seconds ( leave server) , I lose things and I found duplicate things before leaving the game and re-enter.

    However changes to base if they are.

    This did not only happens to me, happens to several players who I am.

    2-When you are driving and it rains much lower FPS , even lowering the minimum quality graphics.

    You hear the engine only when driving , if someone climbs , co-pilot or passenger does not listen. ( Police car ) I do not know the rest.

    I take to ask:

    As it is not possible to place more than 1 case per camp ?

    It is not a good idea.

    No monsters inside buildings?

    It is not a good idea.

    There any way to raise the weight capacity ?

    Thanks for your time, the game looks incredible , you are going on the right track.

    Excuse my English ...

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    Tents disappear

    One issue for me that is very frustrating is I have my tent just disappear. I play every day and use my tent every day since I know if they (or vehicles) are not used they will despawn after 48hrs. But twice now I'll come back from a supply run, put some things in my tent to store, go back out in search of other supplies but come back to my base and there's no tent. Lost some rare supplies both times this way. Love the game, just sick of loosing my tents even though Im an everyday player. Even if I dont use my vehicles everyday I at least jump on them, start'm up and drive a few feet, honk the horn, flick the lights stuff like that so I dont loose them. Kinda wish the 48hr despawn didn't exist since If I go on vacation I will loose any and all vehicles and tents. OH 1 other small thing, the Ambiances are far to high in volume such as thunder, rain, flies buzzing but those i can deal with that's just me being picky (being a professional Audio engineer/Sound designer), But PLEASE fix or get rid of the tents and vehicles despawning or the random disappearing of them.
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    my game sort of broke

    the only server ive really played on

    i found a bicycle on a staircase in the police station

    tried to move it, didnt work, sat on it to ride it away, didnt work

    i got off of it, it dumped me under the staircase

    i cant be reached, touched, and barely seen, and can't get out

    i couldnt make a base for my stuff because of the huge limitation, so there was nothing within half an hour of hayward, so i went back in town to loot

    and now the only character i play because it's a great server is gone, and it's kind of throwing me off the game, because i can log in and chat and move around the staircase but will just slowly die if i dont, and i havnt died yet on this character

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    its better to open your own thread but I am afraid there is no help but to suicide. Maybe you have the "luck" eventually to come below the surface of the game then you can swim to the next river.

    The bikes aren't made for buildings or maybe better, the buildings aren't made for bikes, don't enter them in buildings and don't ride into buildings.

    You don't loose your reicepts knowledge when you die and when you drop your loot maybe you can reach it again after respawning.

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    Is there any upcoming update to make the large generators like vehicles where they don't loose everything at server reset, it's nice to find them and such, but I filled mine with oil, gas, and parts about 30 minutes before a server reset. It was disappointing to see all those resources GONE after the reset, as they do take a lot to fill up.

    Thank you for a great game!

    PS, interesting on patch #50 all the trucks went from looking like dodge rams to old fords, now it feels like the game is set in the '70's.

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    Miscreated gear lost after login

    I was being shot at and went into cover and logged out before the guy killed me. I logged in again and everything was normal but only one thing wasn't right. I WAS FU**ING STRIPPED DOWN WITH NO ITEMS AT ALL. I need this bug fixed and if possible, return my items lost on AUS2 official miscreated server. Otherwise FIX THE BLOODY PROBLEM (Btw name on miscreated and steam is my life is pointless).
    I really love the game and it would be a real shame if this doesn't get fixed or lost items returned if possible.
    Thank you for making this game
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    if you exit game you stay on the server for 45 more seconds

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    Right click on consumables or use in items

    So i noticed sometimes when i want to consume water or food, by right clicking and consume, its a 50/50 chance of being able to consume on the first click. It fails alot when your bleeding out and a rag or bandage doesnt want to apply on first click of use also. I have bled out few times due to bandages not being applied to myself on first try. Sometimes i have to either move items around inside the items menu or find the sweet spot on the "use or consume" selection.

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    How to report bugs/glitches

    Report code errors or bugs in this topic.
    For all support issues relating to templates, installs or feature requests, please use appropriate topic.
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