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    Mar 2016
    Clan Name: 82nd Airborne Clan
    Clan Website:
    Clan Info: We are known in the gaming world as a Tactical Realism clan. We play every game using tactics and strategy to achieve victory.
    Clan Leaders: <82ndAB>GOA.Underpants, <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan
    Members: 150+
    Other info: Clan founded 2004. We are a gaming community and play numerous games which include; COD, Battlefield, Arma 2&3, Rust..ETC.

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    Questions for developers about base

    Sorry, I posted in the wrong place
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    Clan Name: Chaos Vanguard
    Clan Website:
    Clan Info: Chaos Vanguard is an active, multi-game clan. We're one of the biggest, active clans that currently play with over 2,000 active members per day.
    Clan Leaders: Oreo
    Members: 31,000+
    Other info: You need to be 16+ to join and have no previous Vac-Bans.

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    Jul 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by csprance View Post
    Just realized we need a listings of all the clans who plan to play this game after megermain made a post looking for clans. I'm going to sticky this thread so it doesn't get lost. If you have a clan that plans to play Miscreated please post here.

    Please follow this template: (Fake Clan)

    Clan Name: Brony Masters
    Clan Website:
    Clan Info: We are a clan full of Bronies who love to play together and beat up our friends. If you like my little ponies and love to beat up your friends we'd love to take you under our pony wings.
    Clan Leaders: BronyMasterZero , BronyBoneBoy
    Members: 20,000+
    Other info: Random info can go here like for example if you all have the same tattoo that says Brony Master on your right arm or across your forehead list that here.

    I'll be going through and cleaning posts up or deleting them if they don't conform to the template so if you'd like for your post to remain please follow this template. Also this is not a recruitment forum so stick to only posting clan information here and refrain from having discussions as they will just be deleted. If you'd like to create a separate thread specifically for your clan you're free to do so just not in here. This is a listing only.

    Just wanted to comment and say that I think you guys are lame and I hope to kill many of you while playing. Have fun playing with dolls.

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    Aug 2016
    Just thought I'd throw this out there, since it seems to me that people are a bit more active on reddit normally.
    This has been created recently and I've been keeping an eye on it, I think you guys should subscribe and add your clans there as well!

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    Casual Bandits

    Casual Bandits are looking for new members to play Miscreated. We are a group of guys and girls that play well together. We play lots of games but Miscreated is one that everyone goes back to. You can check us out at we have our own servers and discord and teamspeak. Come check us out and have a blast.

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    The [Anarchist] | PC | MATURE CLAN 20+ | US & EU

    Clan Name:The [Anarchist]
    Clan Website:No Website or Forums to apply to just join us on TS :
    Clan Info: We are a PVP clan well established in a server looking for a few mature members.
    Clan Leaders: NastyNative
    Members: The Clan has over 500 members but the Mistreated Division is about 8 active members.
    REQUIREMENTS:Teamspeak 3 with a working Mic , 20+ but exceptions will be made. Mature Only!

    We are VERY ACTIVE everyday but you are not required to play everyday! Join us for some fun!
    When you join TS please wait in the Welcome Center for permissions.

    Last edited by NastyNative; 09-08-2016 at 04:33 PM.

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    Cool -=zaps=-

    Hello all.

    -=ZAPS=- Is a friendly semi-competitive gaming clan. We're spread throughout 20 or so games, bringing our focus down in Miscreated.

    Welcoming all new-born players to seasoned veterans, we're striving for a killing-good time.

    -=ZAPS=- Miscreated Server will be back up and running once we solve the recent game-related issues.

    Please message -=ZAPS=- Nitelyte on steam for more info!

    Teamspeak server is , no password.

    **may or may not be an administrator on, feel free to drop down to any channel and play away, it's a public teamspeak server!**
    *feel free to ask any administrator for your own channel or if any questions or concerns.*

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    Dec 2016

    H3's Clan - ShadowBandits

    Clan Name: ShadowBandits
    Clan Website: We currently do not have a functional site and are looking into getting one.
    Clan Info: We are bandits, some of the best. We look out for each other and wont hesitate to shoot and kill anyone we see. Our leaders always wear Cowboy hats. We prefer not to kill you, but to loot and kidnap you instead. If you mess with one of
    us, expect to see 5+ people coming after you later.
    Clan Leaders: H3llAndB4ck, [ More To Come ]
    Members: 5+
    Other info: We will do whatever it takes to get what you have. No regrets.

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    Sneaky Old Bastards

    Clan Name: Sneaky Old Bastards
    Clan Website:
    Clan Info: Sneaky Old Bastards is a gaming clan for mature gamers. We like to have fun playing together, and we have fun ribbing each other and taking it in stride. What we don't like is having immature kids screaming "Epic fail, brah (hahahahaha)!!!" in game or in our Discord server every time someone dies in game. Everyone is welcome on our gaming server(s), but if you are 25 years old or older, come hang out with some old farts in Discord and play with us. If you want to participate just come on in, say 'Hi', and get to know us. See you soon!
    Clan Leaders: Haru, Spafbi, Scope Creep, DirtMcGirt, POK583, Tropic Lightning
    Members: In flux. We're older fellows and have lives outside of gaming...well, some of us at least. Currently around 20 active.
    Other info: Miscreated server status -
    Check out the Sneaky Old Bastards Miscreated server - Active admins, no silly're gonna like it.

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    Jan 2017
    East Coast
    Clan Name : Zombie Survival Unit

    Clan Info : Zombie Survival Unit is returning after a small break and we are looking for some new members for our Miscreated community.

    We currently do not have a private server, however we plan on expanding to one as demand is needed. We also plan on releasing a public server too when the time is right. (US based)

    We use Discord for voice/text chat.

    Looking for players of all skill levels. Currently looking for solo players, group players, or even pve players. Come check out our community and see if its the correct fit for you.

    To apply; please visit

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Mar 2017

    Exclamation Looking for more like minded fellows

    Clan Name: R3dhat Bandits
    Clan Website: n/a
    Clan Info: We are just two guys right now on a rp-pvp server looking for more for our bandit crew
    Clan Leaders: l$d, Kokko
    Members: 2
    Other info: We play on a rp-pvp server where there is no KoS, you must have a dialogue when you are robbing people. we are looking for more people for our group so we can rule the server! RemnantRP-PVP | NO KOS | Daily Restart | Fast Nights | ActiveAdmins - Miscreated Server ADD me on steam "Ironsul" we have discord

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    Jun 2017

    Cool Clan Kulu

    All Nationalities Welcome!
    Clan Name: Clan Kulu
    Clan Website: N/A(For the moment) Discord:
    Clan Info: We are both a banter filled clan and a serious clan who enjoy working as a team and wish to dominate the land and create new civilization from the ruins of the past.
    Clan Leaders: Cotton Eye Joe, Dalhome3, Jamj59.
    Members: 5+
    Other info: We are looking to grow so that we can take on servers with our numbers, with the dream of building large bases and controlling large areas on official servers. Our clan breaks down into 2 sections which, are then divided into sub-squads so that everyone has something to do. We want to create towns from the ashes. Join if you are willing to get stuck in and have fun( we like to sing lots of songs too to keep morale high, as well as other clan rituals). All welcome, we do not discriminate between age/skill/nationality we just want to get the most out of the game. We are also however not afraid to kick people who cause disruption or show signs of immaturity.

    P.s. Yes. We are trying to raise an army.
    Last edited by Cotton Eye Joe; 06-19-2017 at 01:54 PM.

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    Miscreated Official Clan Listings Post your clan info here


    I saw your posts in the UK Yahoo group.

    p.s. do you know how to put pics in the sig area, like ILuv2B has? PM answer to me if so...thx

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    Sep 2017

    Miscreated Official Clan Listings Post your clan info here

    This is the place to post your PSN IDs, Gametags and Wii Friend Codes.
    Share and add them.

    Happy online gaming

    Mine is. PSN: G7SEV
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    The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

    Clan Name: Hatchet Force

    Server: - Miscreated #780333 - Whitelisted Only

    Requirements: Functional headset, fluent English, some modicum of skill, 18+

    Clan Website: Websites are so 1999. We use Discord.

    Clan Info: We're a small community of gamers who enjoy PvP. We have members in Miscreated, PUBG, Rust, ARK, Tarkov, and various other games.

    Leader: Cold

    Members: 15 or so in Miscreated with more joining regularly.

    Other info: My dog loves bananas.
    Last edited by Cold; 12-13-2017 at 12:03 AM.
    I like long walks on the beach, fluffy bunnies, and PVP.

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    Jul 2017

    -Miscreated Koolers- NEW CLAN

    Looking for people to join new clan. up to 30 member spots.

    Playing on Official Miscreated Server US # 753058

    Join the discord if you're interested
    Read rules and info tab



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