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  1. World Issues/Comments
  2. Stuck npcs in the world
  3. House with no collision
  4. The "crazy house"
  5. Walk-thru Bus
  6. flashlights
  7. A River Runs Through It.
  8. Criss Angel's house.
  9. Textures reflect on water as first plan to background
  10. Reflect on the water deformed on the borders screen
  11. shifted textures on parking
  12. Three storey house model audio
  13. Two storey house with barred off attic
  14. Logging out in Attics
  15. Shoot through cave
  16. Problems with rocks.
  17. im showing as a blob
  18. Shadows
  19. Laggy Grass
  20. Bunk beds are floating/offsetted
  21. Pinecrest building invisible wall
  22. Pop up Sky
  23. Generator has no collision!
  24. Red "Replace Me" Ball.
  25. Pickup Truck
  26. Undeground)
  27. From best to foggy
  28. Fix World Bosses (boats)
  29. Invisible rocks
  30. Cannot Pick up Tiki Torch To Move Base
  31. Stuck in office post-patch#25
  32. Car glitching on bridges...
  33. Cars glitched into the ocean while driving lower pinecrest...
  34. Another ATV Bug...
  35. missing texture, objects floating in air
  36. new weather effects are nice but...
  37. Noclip walls at house near Brightmoor
  38. More objects floating 1m above the ground
  39. Clyde Hill Bugs
  40. Recursive Bow + Red Truck = Bang
  41. Captions for interactions showing up in text chat area instead of top of screen.
  42. Death by getting stuck behind barrels in last hanger next to runway.
  43. Death by getting stuck in edge of map seam at inaccessible area near mountain road
  44. Death by jumping between close objects where you can't quite fit
  45. Ground Sinking Airport and Empty Garage Pinecrest
  46. caves sounds when not in cave . on this hill
  47. Texture issue behind woodhaven
  48. Lighting issues? Dunno, you be the judge
  49. ATV Fell through a cattlegard and disappeared
  50. Clyde Hill Roads Teleport
  51. clipping terrain near lower pinecrest
  52. Walking through windows!
  53. Glitched through wall now i am stuck off grid
  54. Lighting, filters-light
  55. Stuck in Crevice @ Sultan N. Bridge
  56. Fell through floor while driving sedan
  57. unable to retrive kit
  58. World Maps - You Are Here
  59. Using ladders through walls while inside of building
  60. Death trap in Hayward
  61. Fall Through Map - Game Breaking Bug
  62. Items Falling through floor.
  63. When u unstuck a buss and it kills you fuck bugs please read!!!!!
  64. Droped scope and ammo vanished through the floor of the armory (sample video)
  65. bunker in nord east
  66. Rain/Storm
  67. Got off a 4 wheeler next to a shipping container, and it put my inside it.
  68. Invisiablity glitch may still exist.
  69. Grafic bug below the waterfall
  70. Missing interiror
  71. Devs fix this!!!!!!!!!!!
  72. I appear in the sea
  73. Chemlight in Sultans Cave
  74. Police Station, Items Fall through floor
  75. Gas in cars
  76. Bug when sitting on a gas station
  77. Car despawn
  78. Can't place tents /New server
  79. Servers are gone
  80. The police station bug
  81. Random Falling Out Of The Map
  82. Vehicle Stuck Issue
  83. Falling through world into ocean
  84. Staircase misplaced?
  85. Player stuck in rock.
  86. players glitching through base
  87. What happened to my base
  88. Red caps that say "replace"
  89. could you please take a look at server US #753058 it froze booted everyone and has be
  90. Car sounds
  91. Help ! Im stuck is this van and surrounded by mutants !
  92. Trailer angled
  93. Rain inside buildings
  94. Cannot interact with my clans base
  95. Backpack and Jacket with Items despawn in seconds
  96. Death by base wall
  97. My base destroyed by server
  98. Placed Metal Base Parts Are "Invisible"
  99. Door with lock disappears when picking up when placed