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What is Miscreated?

Miscreated is an online, open world, post-apocalyptic, sandbox survival game built on CRYENGINE.

After the events of nuclear fallout humanity attempts to hang on of what remains in this unforgiving world, take control in this online experience to survive and be-friend others or choose to stand on your own. Stay alive from mutants that roam the land and other players in this unbelievably beautiful apocalypse reclaimed by nature.

Note: Miscreated is currently in early alpha stages so some features are still being developed and added. This is not a final representation of the full game.

Entrada Interactive

Entrada Interactive

Entrada Interactive is a completely internet based development team. We had never met each other in person until GDC 2015. We communicate entirely through Discord and started developing the game Miscreated as volunteers. We are all very passionate developers with a very strong focus and vision.

Our team consists of about 20 employees spread across the entirety of the globe.

Current Features

  • Large Persistent World(Ever expanding with each content patch)
  • Base Building
  • Item Storage
  • Campfires and Tents
  • Hunting Mechanics: Hunt for Deer and other animals to survive
  • Expanded Crafting System: To create materials for bases, campfires and more
  • Fully detailed interiors for houses and Caves
  • Up to 50 players per server
  • Open World Player vs Player
  • Basic Crafting System
  • Dynamic Weather System
  • Inventory System
  • Vehicles: Land and Water
  • Voice Over IP
  • Enemy AI
  • Wildlife AI
  • Radiation Effects
  • Food and Water consumption
  • Randomized Loot Spawns
  • Realistic Physicalized Bullets and Bullet drop

Future Features

    • Battle Royale Game Mode: Last man standing fight to the death. Scavenge for loot and hunt down your foes.
    • Vehicle Customisation: Craft armour and cosmetics for Vehicles.
    • More weapon attachments: Scopes, Silencers and more
    • Larger World: Final World size to be 64km2
    • Much more to come.


the team

  • 263
    Terry Evans
    Lead Developer
  • 269
    Chris Sprance
    Lead Tech Director
  • 271
    Graham Hayward
    Lead Artist
  • 273
    Simon Hambly
    Lead Animator
  • 275
    Marco Catena
    Lead Level Designer
  • 277
    Wilhelm Ogterop
    Senior Animator
  • 289
    Hendrik Polczynski
  • 296
    Adam Johnson
    Technical Director
  • 292
    Matt Labrie
    3D Artist
  • 279
    Carl Kent
    3D Artist
  • 285
    Serkan KKS
    Senior 3D Artist
  • 287
    Farzad Morshed
  • 291
    Kris B
    Level Designer
  • 299
    Jennifer Yaner
    Community Manager
  • 1590
    Moon Collider
    AI Team
  • 300
    Twin Ravens Audio
    Sound Team